3 Perspectives to Work

I was getting set to go for an interview and it made me begin to think about work. This coupled with a few discussions about work I had with some friends. I was feeling quite overwhelmed about the whole job search process (getting a job is a job y’all) and I began to wonder about when I’d get the job and all that was likely going to have to change in my life. I suddenly had this gloomy feel and decided to pray and work through it. In the process, I went on YouVersion, searched out bible plans on Work and I found one by Hal White titled Your Work Matters. The first few lines I read immediately lifted my heart and reminded me of the perspective to have about work.

Work is a Blessing

Work is not a curse, a burden or punishment. It is not a distraction. Work is a blessing, a call to a partnership to continue what God began when He kicked creation in motion. When God made Adam, He told him to tend and watch over the garden of Eden. We don’t have the garden of Eden but we have the earth and just as with Eden, God made the earth too. 

While sin seeks to make work on earth toilsome, God is above the curse and per my union with Him so am I. Therefore, work cannot cause me needless pain, stress, overwhelm or any negative thing at that. 

God intends for work to be a blessing for us, a partnership. Whatever I do I do unto the Lord as my way of watching over and tending the garden He’s placed me in. 

Work is a Commandment

Work is a commandment too. It’s a responsibility God has placed on us and as with all things He commands, we do it for His glory and praise and by His power and Spirit. We rely not on our strength and abilities alone but on that of the Most High; drawing wisdom, strength and inspiration. 

Genesis 2:15 (NLT)
The Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it. 


Work is a Ministry

Work is a ministry. It is not distinct from it. It is a medium through which our God colours and the flavours of God get to spread through and fill the earth. It is not until we are preaching that we do this. The command is to tend, take care of and watch over the garden. The garden being wherever we find ourselves per time. And God expects us to partner with Him there and then. We don’t necessarily have to choose. We just have to work in partnership, be in sync and at rhythm with God and He will carry us through. Like a good dance partner, we just need to place our hand in His and go with the flow as He leads step after step, sway after sway, a turn here and a dip there.

Final Thoughts

God blesses us through work and God blessed us with work. I look at my work from today, not just as something I have to do to make ends meet, not as a burden or hard rite of passage in my life but as a blessing from God. An opportunity to extend His work, co-creating with Him. A platform for obedience, to show forth His praise and spread His love and goodness to mankind. 

Whatever my hand finds to do, I do as unto the Lord. 


Thank you, Father, for the blessing of work, renew my attitude towards it. Help me do my work heartily in service to you. Give me capacity, wisdom, inspiration, courage and strength when I need it. Father help me lean on you and not on me to do what I need to do per time. Teach me to celebrate and embrace work but also to have the wisdom to rest when I need to and as I should. Thank you for the blessing of work. Amen! 

Ecclesiastes 5:19 (NLT)
And it is a good thing to receive wealth from God and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life—this is indeed a gift from God.


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