I Know You Have Questions

I know you have questions

Not questions like, why is water wet? or the sky blue? or why we walk on 2 legs and other creatures walk on more or less?

No not that kind.

I’m referring to those heart burning, aching, soul-searing questions. The ones that pull, tug and tear at you. The ones that make you cry and make you feel as though all the air is gone and you are struggling to breathe. Struggling to stay above the waves of the sea. To keep your head raised high and have your feet move in sure, sturdy steps, not shaky and wobbly.

I know you have questions like God, if you really exist, why did you have to allow that man steal my innocence from me? Where were you? Why did I have to watch my mother struggle and cry to ensure that I had food to eat, clothes to wear, a place to put my head?
Why did I have to grow up without my dad or be born into a messed up world? Why is it as though nothing is working, as though nothing ever works?

Why do you seem silent God? Why, why, why?

I know it’s eating you up. I understand the pain you feel, I understand the struggles. I understand that you feel as though all your strength is gone and you are trying to reach out but it feels like you are drowning deeper and deeper into this deep ocean and bottomless pit of darkness.

I wish I could give you a clear-cut, one size fits all answer. I wish I could wipe away your tears and wipe away every wrong that’s been done to you. I may not be able to give you answers but I know God can.

I only ask that you go with a heart ready to hear. I only ask that you go with a heart open to receive and to hear him speak. He’s reaching out to you. He’s been chasing after you. He sees your pain, He sees your hurt, your fears, He sees everything and He’s calling out to you.

Will you please just pause, take a step closer. One step is all I ask. He will take a thousand to get to you. He will travel the expanse of the world, break through time and laws just to get a hold of you. Stop running, and just pause. Turn to him, vent your anger, vent your pain, vent your frustration. Pour it all out, and when you do, take a pause and let him speak to you.

He has a lot to say. He comes bearing in his hands healing for you. A newness, a fresh start. Don’t let the pain swallow you, don’t get drowned in the shame. Don’t get drowned in guilt.

You are not the victim here, no, no, no. You are not. You are the VICTOR. You will rise high above with these questions, soaring to the highest levels, on wings like that of the eagle. Because this which was meant to kill you, to destroy you, will only make you stronger.

I know you have questions but I want you to know more than anything else that you are loved.

You are loved
You are cherished
You are a Victor
You are a conqueror
You are priceless.
You are loved!!!

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