What’s Life without some Colour?

Shared the image below on my Insta story and a friend made a comment about the words I put on it – “what’s life without some colour” being a good idea for a post.

So I thought why not, let me share the inspiration I got from the image.

Yellow cup with popcorn pouring out of it laid on a yellow background

I had initially designed my website (more like my life) to be black and white. No extra colours just black and white. I’m not so much of a colour person, let alone a yellow colour person. I used to be unable to stand it. However, for some weird reason, I realized very recently that the colour was growing on me. It seemed to tell the story I was looking to tell with my life but for one fear or the other, I’ve been unable to.

After trying without success to ignore its pull, I finally decided to explore the colour to see why it was suddenly becoming so attractive and appealing to me. What I found was that in living out my calling and dreams as placed in my heart by God, in exuding the kind of vibes I want to, yellow was quite significant and quite frankly expresses my vibe to some extent.

Is it not funny that I am called “The Expressionist” and yet I was going to build my presence and live my life without colour in it? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the colour yellow is quite an expressive colour. It is such that says “hey, here I am, see me”. And to be honest that was part of the reason why I didn’t like it. The irony, yeah?

For a very long time in my life, I’ve been comfortable with sitting in the back seat, lurking in the shadows and being unseen, but I am beginning to realize that God has other plans for me. He didn’t make me so I could hide from the world and have my life be shut out from everyone. I am like a city on a hill that cannot be hidden. A candle that is lit and placed above to give others light to see. That’s what my life is about and so the shadows have suddenly become uncomfortable for me. I am done hiding.

I’m going to be like the colour yellow; beautiful, bright, sunny, appealing and expressive. I am going to be the sunshine in someone’s life, hopefully, that would be you, because really, what’s life without some colour?

Okay! Your turn: I’d love to hear! How will you be adding some colour to your life or to those around you?

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