New Job! New Beginnings! Everything New: My First Week at Cowrywise

This week happened to be my first week at Cowrywise and you guys it was awesomeeeeeee… LOL. Before I resumed, I was really worried about how I’d adjust, considering I had worked on my own terms (freelance) for about two years straight and my first 9-5 experience was actually remote. Basically, I had never really had to do a wake up early in the morning, get dressed, hitch a ride and get to the office building. I was really worried and even thought about rejecting the job offer to find something remote instead. Thankfully, I did not successfully talk myself out of the job. 

We resumed on the 2nd of September and one of the first things we were told was Cowrywise’s vision to create the best place to work in Africa. I think we are well on our way to achieving that. The onboarding process is one of the best I have experienced so far. We spent three days learning about the company, the product and our customers. Everyone had to speak with customers to get a hang of the people who use our product and thus be able to build empathy which is key in delivering well on our promises to customers. 

By the second day, it really did not feel like I was a newbie anymore cos everyone was relating rather freely and being all chum buddies. Ah, before I forget, from the first day, I had to start telling myself, “be careful hun, otherwise, you will blow up so fast, you will be shocked”. OMG, y’all, there’s always something to eat and apparently, we’re all foodies at Cowrywise. I thought Razaq was joking when he mentioned it during my interview. On the first day, we were given options for breakfast from oat to tea, chocolate, snacks, sweets and so on. Then we had lunch and then a mini party in the evening. The first day was really cool.

Learning about Cowrywise’s values has probably been one of the major highlights for me. Cowrywise is key on honesty and openness and I’ve seen this play out in interactions within the office and during our onboarding process. So far so good, it’s been amazing and my worries have been laid to rest. I am working in an amazing place with really amazing people and doing super amazing work. There’s a lot you never truly know until you come into a place and sometimes when you do, you get disappointed. With Cowrywise, it has been amazing, insightful and I believe we are about to take things up a thousand notch. Stew and sauce shall be coming ya way, just WATCH OUT!

Finally, my first-week tale won’t be complete without this bit (drumrolls please), a certain young man in my life (read my boyfriend… LOL) sent me a welcome gift (a very fine Tolu Denim shoe) on my second day at work. Surprised and swept off my feet do not quite capture how I felt. I have to keep my shoe well sha cos people are planning to move it already. 

So yeah, amazing workplace; check. Wonderful colleagues; double check. Splendid first week; check, check, check!

P.S. If you are my friend or somehow happen to know me and you are yet to open an account with Cowrywise, biko, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and start saving o. 

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