Insights, experiences, and findings on a range of topics such as design, faith & spirituality, business, career, church… pretty much life through my eyes

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Journey to Me

Have you ever wondered if you were living a life true to yourself and to God, a life of purpose or if you were just blending in with the crowd? The world and people around are very quick to tell you who you should be or not be and sometimes we

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I Can Do All Things…

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I once had to embark on a personal project and just before I began I remember I kept thinking and asking myself, Yami, can you do this? Are you sure you won’t lose enthusiasm after the first day or

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You Are Amazing

MOOD: I want to tell everyone how amazing you are. Was scrolling through my Instagram feed a while back and I came across a picture that had those words on it. I found it quite enthralling and it perfectly captured my mood. You see, if my goals for the year

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