Own Your Story

We often look at ourselves and think we have nothing to offer. We somehow feel and begin to believe that we are the most incapable of humans. That our lives lack depth and meaning.

We try to portray and put forward our acts and behaviors of what people think we should be. We constantly strive to paint a picture of who we are expected to be and try to shut the real person.

Our story is meaningless and we are the most unqualified persons we know to even make any impact at all on our world so we say to ourselves “Why Try?”

I have come to realize that my story is important. I used to look down on myself a lot – I still do sometimes but at least now I know how to handle it. Life has taught me that we can truly make an impact when we accept ourselves and our stories.

Our lives are full of experiences, rich experiences, some sweet, some bitter, some a mixture of both. These experiences are our stories and these stories are the uniqueness and signature stamp we bring and can use to impact our world. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

We need to explore the richness of our stories and let them emerge from us raw and compelling. Our stories need to be let out, should we begin to tell them we will realize that they carry the seeds of the message we want to deliver. We will realize that they convey the impact we have and the potentials we possess.

My life and in fact your life is a body or book of stories waiting to be read and explored by people if only we would let them in. It is a source of direction to some and for some others support and the push, they need to go on.

We need to rise up and own our stories. Own it and tell it because no one else can tell it like we can. If we look deep enough and allow ourselves the freedom to explore we will truly see how much of a hero we are.

I once shared one of my stories with someone and when he said to me, “No one has ever spoken to me this way and had me thinking about what they said. I had given up on my dreams and began to think dreams and passions do not exist like they were just some believe stuff, but you have given me hope”, I realised then that the impact I have always wanted to make was in me telling my story and sharing my imperfections and pains, in sharing every bit of me.

I agree with these words from Gail Larsen; “If you want to change the World, Tell a Better Story.”

I hope that as you read this, you will make a decision to Own Your Story and to Tell It without holding back.

Yami X

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