The Will of God and His Working through Our Gifts

In 1 Peter 4, Peter teaches about using the gifts God has given us as though God was working through us and using them for His glory (1 Peter 4:10-11 NLT) In the same chapter, he also wrote about living for the will of God and not human passions (1 Peter 4:2 NLT). The latter statement is a question most of us believers are often asking out loud or pondering within our hearts. The former statement, I believe gives us a headstart into the question of living in God’s will.

What is living in God’s will about?

I think it really is simple. Living in God’s will is living with the knowledge that everything we do, have and are is from Him, to be used for His glory and that we are vessels through which He works. He’s the guide for the work, we are the face and the expression.

The thing about working in the will of God is realising that what it requires is taking a step(s) of obedience and not seeking out just a destination. It’s not one big bang thing that we do but a journey, a series of steps that we constantly take. It’s about willingness, obedience and patience. It is knowing that God works through everything about us both good and bad.

What does it mean to use our gifts as though God was working through us?

I think using our gifts as though God was working through us would mean letting Him guide and direct our path. It would be that we use our gifts for the good, edification, uplifting and encouragement of mankind. We don’t hide it, we don’t use it to oppress, for showing off or to belittle another. Rather we use it in service to man, tending and caring for one another. And we use it confidently.

When we stop viewing God’s will as a destination, I think it takes away the pressure of looking for that one thing that we should be doing and feeling less of a child of God because you don’t know the one thing or feeling that you are missing it. Instead, when we focus on the steps, we are able to see just how much God is working in and through us. We can bask in the joy, lessons and glory of each moment and move unhindered and without unnecessary weights.

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