You Are Amazing

MOOD: I want to tell everyone how amazing you are.

Was scrolling through my Instagram feed a while back and I came across a picture that had those words on it. I found it quite enthralling and it perfectly captured my mood.

You see, if my goals for the year were to be summed up in one, all I wanted to have was a God-Filled year. The word was, in fact, a prayer from a friend at the start of the year (I’m super grateful for friends who speak the right words into my life).

I’m looking back through the year now and my heart has been filled with so much gratitude. Words fail me to express it all. I feel like a damsel finally found by her Prince Charming. I can say certainly that love found me and I found love. It’s indeed been a God-Filled year for me and more than anything else in the world, I really just want to tell everyone how amazing He is.

This God, whom I’ve found, who has filled my year, is nothing short of amazing.

I could try to count all He’s done but then I would find one too many things and I will lose count. Much more than what He’s done, I find myself lost in who He is. I’m like one lost in a sea with an unending depth. There’s so much to Him, I find that I keep on falling and I still I’m not at the end. (cue in Alicia’s song, I keep on falling in and out of love with you and I will never love someone the way that I love you. Only this time I find myself not coming out of this love cos wherever I turn, there I find Him with wide open arms of love)

You are Amazing ~ I Love you GIF

He is amazing!

He’s faithful!

He is good and does good! Even when it seems I can’t see His hand, I can trust His heart for me, because it’s good.

He’s awesome!


So in summary, I think I want to make a pledge to you Father that:

Till the world knows you

Till the world finds you

To the ends of the earth

All through the entirety of my life

Until my dying days and even beyond

I go carry your matter for head!

From a daughter to a Father, I do solemnly pledge these words this day.


What do you want to say to others about God? What have you found about Him that you want to share with everyone?

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